Monday, December 15, 2008

Kind of Abject

The Green Gallery presents "Kind of Abject," a show of paintings curated by Milwaukee artist Leshitski, opening Friday, Dec. 26, 8-11 p.m.

The show includes paintings by:
Leshitski (Milwaukee)
Olga Rose (Toronto)
Kao Xiu (Beijing)
Nicholas Frank (Milwaukee)
Roni Lane (Eau Claire)
Monroe Dock (Portland)
Louisa Clark (Houston)
Steven Burnham (Milwaukee)
Evan Keller (New York)

When gallery owner John Riepenhoff asked Leshitski why he wanted the show to be about abjection, Leshitski said, "Well, it's not really about that, I guess. I don't know. I couldn't figure out whether a truly abject person could still have a sense of humor about things." The paintings in the show are meant to be funny, but with a touch of lost optimism hanging over things.

The Green Gallery West is located at
631 E. Center St. 3rd floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202

more info can be found at

Monday, November 24, 2008

In Sequence - Friday, December 5th.


Opening night is Friday, December 5th from 7pm-11pm

The White Whale Artist Collective is proud to exhibit IN SEQUENCE, a group show based on the narrative form of comic books. This show will display the myriad of ways the theme and format of the 'comic book' has inspired this group of artists.

Participating artists include:

Allyson Lassiter
Aries Tjhin
Marcus Wichmann
Anne Harvey, Chris Beetow
Melanie Kehoss
Sam Dodge
Odin Cabal.

For more information contact:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mark Borchardt Along the Way

November 22nd through December 21st. 2008
Opening reception Saturday November 22nd 6 - 9pm

@The Green Gallery
631 E. Center St. 3rd floor
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Mark Borchardt, Milwaukee filmmaker and writer, will be debuting his first solo show of photographs at The Green Gallery. Mark has been working on both sides of the lens in film for years so he has a trained eye for photograph moments, and almost always carries a still camera with him. This collection of candid photographs is the result of several years of collected photos that Mark took along the way in his daily life and travels. It shows a humanistic portrait of the Midwest, in it's desolate beauty, mobile homes, aging vehicles, great skies, and nostalgias.

Mark also prepared a miniature solo exhibition of his photos for the John Riepenhoff Experience that will open at the same time as the main show.

Also, Green Gallery PRESS published a limited edition booklet of short stories and poems written by Mark, and will be available the night of the opening reception, Nov. 22nd from 6-9pm.

more info can be found at

Milwaukee's Own @ the Armoury Gallery

Friday, December 5th 6:00 – 10:00 pm
The Armoury’s next exhibition looks homeward, featuring four local artists – kathryn e. martin, Harvey Opgenorth, Mary DiBiasio and Colin T Dickson.

The Armoury Gallery is pleased to announce its 6th and most experimental exhibition to date: Milwaukee’s Own. Featuring four of Milwaukee’s most exciting young artists, this not-to-be-missed exhibition will fill the gallery space almost entirely with installation work, including a stalactite cave of muslin, Styrofoam remnants in cloud-like formations, and an optical game involving two walls, a ceiling and giant gold nuggets.

Milwaukee artists kathryn e. martin, Harvey Opgenorth, and Colin T Dickson will utilize the three week break between exhibitions to work in the gallery space, each creating site-specific pieces encompassing a majority of the exhibition space. Mary DiBiasio will present a new series of mixed media works to round out the exhibition. Each artist uses repetition of shape, form, and line in limited color palettes to examine our understanding, perception and relationship to objects and places, simultaneously redefining the interior spaces of the gallery.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Green Gallery this Friday Oct 17th

@The Green Gallery
631 E Center Street
3rd floor
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Oct 17 – Nov 15, 2008

Friday Oct 17th
from 7-11pm

The Green Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition of works by Gaylen Gerber.

Gerber's practice is regularly situated in relation to the work of other artists. In this exhibition Gerber presents five new paintings realized in conjunction with five unidentified artists.

Gerber is interested in addressing ideas surrounding perception and particularly the role of context in perception. Gerber’s own work often acts as the contextual ground for the expressions of other artists. For his exhibition with The Green Gallery, Gerber continues to examine the role of the contextual ground in the interpretation of art but also specifically foregrounds the background as an expressive element itself.

In previous exhibitions Gerber has been interested in the normative aspects of visual language: the way we, as part of a shared culture, accept certain forms, colors, etc. as institutional, or we take them for granted as neutral common ground. These visual norms act as grounds for all other forms of expression and we use them to register difference and create meaning. Gerber’s own work is often positioned so that it highlights these relationships by representing the frequently invisible normative aspects of visual language, suggested by their “neutral” gray color as well as by the casting of other artworks as the figurative elements against this ground.

Gerber’s paintings typically begin as grey monochrome canvases painted by Gerber. Gerber then gives these paintings to other artists to use as supports for their work. By contrast, Gerber structures this exhibition around a number of paintings acquired second-hand whose authorship is undetermined. The paintings all shared an important attribute, which is that each emphasized the image of the painting as the artwork’s primary expression. Taking these Available Paintings as his starting point, Gerber repainted the face of each painting either white, to match the initial ground of the canvas, or his customary neutral gray color. In doing so, Gerber conflated differences between image and ground, questioning both the “neutrality” of the ground and emphasizing the conditional quality of the relationship between expression and ground.

Gerber draws further parallels between the contextual ground and the images that are differentiated against it in the installation of the exhibition. Original colors from the exhibited artworks, now painted over, are displaced onto the walls of the exhibition space, suggesting a porosity between elements of the exhibition. For example, when we try to “see” Support, a 20 x 24” heavily impastoed painting in which Gerber has obscured the painting’s image by repainting it white, everything but the image, including the exhibition context that would normally become its background, remains in the foreground of our perception and understanding. Conversely, when we focus on the situation of the work, there is a suggestion that it is unclear exactly where the context ends and Support begins.

Recognizing the shifting relationships between the expression and its ground is at the heart of Gerber’s exhibition and draws attention to a central aspect of perception, which is that to perceive something at all you must first be able to distinguish it from its background.

For more information contact The Green Gallery at

Monday, October 13, 2008

Paper Boat Gallery Opening: Gallery Night

Join us......

Paper Boat Gallery presents:
Work by Kimberly Weiss & Joseph Rizzo
October 3- November 23rd
Opening reception Gallery Night, Friday October 17th 7-10pm

Kimberly Weiss & Joseph Rizzo

Paper Boat is pleased to bring the dynamic prints of Milwaukee based artist Kimberly Weiss and Minneapolis based artist Joseph Rizzo. Weiss will be showing her series titled "Tough Knots, Bad Landings" which combines relief printmaking and collage to depict natural disasters in a decorative arts style. She received a BFA in Printmaking from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2004. Joseph's paintings showcase his unique eye that combines iconic imagery to create a commentary on politics, culture and environments. In Rizzo's words, "I invent icons to reference social and political issues such as modern imperialism, environmental pollution, government surveillance, and violence in our culture."

Additional images from the show are HERE.

Please contact Faythe Levine with additional media requests at 414. 483. 8462

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meet your Neighbor at Spackle Gallery

Meet Your Neighbor: work by Andrea Avery
Opening Reception: Friday, Oct. 17th 5-10pm, artist talk 7:30pm
Show Runs through November 30th

Combining her background of traditional needlework with postmodern elements of collage and appropriation, 
Andrea Avery concocts playful, nonlinear narratives. Each piece represents a personal reaction to events affecting people from her hometown; and although each piece has a personal connection, Avery aims to make these stories universal through her use of material and open ended imagery. Using idealized figures and ambiguity, she explores the “complexity of human relationships, birth, procreation, and death” by presenting “recognizable imagery and everyday objects [such as] paper dolls and their clothing” so the viewer may gauge the meaning based on his or her own experiences and associations. The result is an exploration of one’s own connection and attention to community through the collection of human stories and experiences. 

Meet Andrea Avery at

Spackle Gallery is located at 2674 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee, in the Bay View neighborhood; gallery hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm. Contact for additional information. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Journal Sentinel Reviews

The Armoury Gallery and the Green Gallery recently had their current shows reviewed for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Mary Louise Schumacher reviewed both shows for her Art City blog and for the Thursday, September 25th print edition of the Journal. To read the Armoury's review click HERE, and click HERE for the Green Gallery's review. This is what they looked like in print:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Contour: Fall Gallery Night @ the Armoury Gallery

October 17 - November 15
Opening Reception: Gallery Night, October 17th, 5 - 10pm

The Armoury Gallery is please to announce its fifth exhibition, In Contour, with an opening reception to be held Fall Gallery Night, October 17th from 5-10 pm.

In Contour features the work of Minneapolis based artist Sonja Peterson and local artists Paul Kjelland and Julia Schilling. All three artists use line, contour and silhouette to deconstruct and analyze the world around us, breaking environments and relationships down to their respective parts.

Minneapolis based artist Sonja Peterson will present a series of new and old works for the exhibition. She is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Minnesota, having earned her BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She is featured in book 77 of New American Paintings, a juried exhibition-in-print selected from over 1000 applicants.

Peterson works with large scale paper cutouts and drawings, then suspends them and sets the work against painted imagery on the wall behind. The use of silhouette implies a level of simplicity and reduction, but the complex nature of the shapes and repeating patterns, combined with the tedious process, imply a complexity that begs for consideration.

Local artist Paul Kjelland will have a new series of his mixed media, photography-based works on hand. Graduating from MIAD in 2005 with a BFA in photography, Kjelland has since worked consistently, showing with Hotcakes at Aqua Art in Miami and Art Chicago, at Milwaukee International, Walker's PointCenter for the Arts, Luckystar and others.

Kjelland's work takes a compartmentalized look at the constructed world that surrounds us. Using paper cutouts, screen printing and digital media, Kjelland takes apart our surroundings and reassembles them as a course of reflection and examination of the world around us.

Finally, Julia Schilling of the White Whale Collective will create a sight-specific installation for this opening. Julia graduated from MIAD in 2008, earning her BFA in Sculpture and minor in Writing, and has been involved in curating and exhibiting with the White Whale since it was formed this past January. She has also participated in various public art projects, including the collaboration 'Points of View' for the Riverwalk Association.

Schilling's work combines sculpture and drawing to explore landforms and methods of mapping. For this opening, her installation will employ piles, mounds, and words to address landscapes, elevation and way finding.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

COOL WHITE CUBE, Paul Druecke @ The Green Gallery

The Cool White Cube
Paul Druecke
Sept. 19th - Oct. 11th

Opening Reception
Sept. 19th
The Green Gallery
631 E Center St. 3rd floor, Milwaukee

The Cool White Cube documents the American refrigerator. The refrigerator has been called the gallery of the masses. Its clean exterior begs aesthetic consideration, while the decorated refrigerator projects a public sensibility from its domestic centrality. The Cool White Cube looks at refrigerators as found in the homes of people from a variety of backgrounds (suburban families, gallerists, film directors, chiropractors, and waiters, to name a few). Simultaneously grand and quaint, this exhibition is Druecke's most direct overlaying of art world structure and quotidian existence.

Also on view during the opening reception:
A new Video Arcade video by Xav Leplae,
Club Nutz stand-up with your hosts Scott & Tyson Reeder,
The John Riepenhoff Experience

visit for more info

Hidden River Festival: Emerging Artists

This coming weekend, September 19 - 21, the Hidden River Festival is happening at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield. Some MIGA members are participating in the Emerging Artists section of this event, including Julia Schilling, Summer Said and Marcus Wichmann of the White Whale Collective and Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber of the Armoury Gallery. Peggy Sue Dunigan wrote a short article about the Hidden River Festival in todays Shepherd Express. You can read the full text below, or by clicking HERE.

Please note, that even though it says Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber will be speaking at this event, no actual speaking engagement is scheduled.

Discovering Wisconsin Art
Art Preview By Peggy Sue Dunigan

An extraordinary collection of artists will appear throughout the Milwaukee area this weekend. In Brookfield, the third annual Hidden River Art Festival returns to the grounds of the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, from 1 p.m. Friday, Sept. 19, through 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 21. All weekend, Wisconsin artists will be highlighted in a variety of events at this family festival.

A retrospective on the second floor of the Ploch Art Gallery will feature Wisconsin artists working in multiple media. These 27 commissioned works, honoring the Governor's Award in Support of the Arts, will be exhibited for the first time, and include work from artists such as Doug Haynes, Chuck Beckwith and Phillip Odden.

Inside the Wilson Center's Dawes Studio Theater, "Emerging Artists from Wisconsin" will showcase artists who have graduated from prestigious fine-arts programs in the state. This creative vision aims to provide rising artists with an opportunity to show their artwork to fresh audiences. Partners involved with the White Whale Artist Collective, including Summer Said, Julia Schilling and Marcus Wichmann, as well as Armoury Gallery's Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber, will display their talents. On Friday afternoon, Steeber and Smith will talk about being working women, artists and gallery owners, and will speak about the dedication necessary to accomplish the task of being a creative artist and an entrepreneur in today's economic environment. A number of other emerging artists will speak at scheduled times during the festival.

Two familiar galleries import their collections of fine art to the Wilson Center's Grand Hall, while refreshments, entertainment and an activities tent outside will allow participants to discover art on a personal level. A People's Choice Award and two juried awards, Best in Show and Juror's Choice, are set to honor more than 80 Wisconsin artists. With an admission fee of $5 for adults (free for children under 10), Hidden River Art Festival provides an opportunity to explore the inside world of Wisconsin art.

The Westside Artwalk in Wauwatosa stretches from Harwood Avenue to 43rd and Vliet streets. Participating businesses exhibit unique artwork, and there will be a fund-raiser titled "Take A Seat," which will auction imaginative Adirondack chairs to benefit the reclamation of the village common area. This two-day event, on Friday, Sept. 19, 5 to 9 p.m. and Saturday, Sept. 20, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., offers a creative atmosphere in which to appreciate these Milwaukee neighborhoods.

White Whale Artist Collective in Walker's Point hosts an exclusive exhibition, "Gimme Baby Robots," on Friday, Sept. 19, from 7 to 10 p.m. This traveling art collective, the brainchild of two University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate art students, Mike Rea and Dave Teng Olsen, assembles the work of more than 100 national artists. "Gimme Baby Robots" travels through numerous U.S. cities, offering affordable art shown salon-style. In addition to an auction, light refreshments will be served.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Robots at the White Whale

Hello all,
On Friday September 19th The White Whale is happy to host the artist collaborative, "Gimme Baby Robots." For one night only come and get some great art at affordable prices. This silent auction event will feature artists from around the country with their work starting at bids as low as one dollar. The Baby Robots have traveled to cities around the United States from Los Angeles to Chicago and for their final stop of the year they're dropping by the White Whale. You can learn more about Gimme Baby Robots at their website,

Time: 7pm -10pm Friday the 19th
Place: 835 W National

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

MIGA Radio Interview

Jessica Steeber and Cassandra Smith of the Armoury Gallery were recently interviewed for Lake Effect/WUWM by Paul Kosidowski about MIGA. The interview orginally aired on August 28th, but you can listen to the whole thing HERE.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Spackle Gallery: The Flyover Report

The Flyover Report: works by Annushka Peck
Opening Reception: Friday, Sept. 5th 6-10, artist talk at 7pm.
Show Runs through October 12th

Statement from Annushka:

The experience of travel is inherently a 'liminal' (i.e. threshold or transitional) state. In this state, one can often find themselves in a position of vulnerability. Yet, it is also the case that within the vulnerability that such changing circumstances create, great opportunities for growth and transcendence also can be found. When the trajectory of the event can be anticipated, or understood prior to engagement however, as is often the case with "tourist" experiences of place, the opportunity for growth becomes limited by the pre-ordained routes of travel and package excursions.

A corollary to this can be found in "armchair tourism" – an experience of 'place' derived by engagement with a mediated source, rather than a physical encounter. Such 'tourism' often occurs within the comfort of one's own home, though it may occur in any setting that offers easy familiarity, such as a hotel room television. This exploration of other cultures, places or events, provides the observer with a pre-selected viewpoint, a vantage point that is not arrived at through one's primary experience, but a secondary, pre-viewed and pre-digested understanding of the particular place, culture or event.

This body of work is based, in part, on the recent experience of traveling to and from Ankara, Turkey via Frankfurt, Germany. The images used in this series are part of a larger series of television photographs taken while experiencing an unintended layover in Frankfurt, Germany.

This series of pieces is intended to cull these different sets of experiences: the frustration of direct physical experience with the limitation of images of events and cultures one may only ever experience via mediation."

Garden Variety @ the Armoury Gallery

Opening Reception: September 5th, 7-11 pm
Show Runs: Septemeber 5th - October 4th
Garden Variety features new and old pieces by Minneapolis-based artists Joseph Sinness and Erika Olsen, as well as photography and installation by Milwaukee artist River Bullock. Garden Variety attempts to examine our relationships with the physical and imaginary world that surrounds us, through cultural study, wit, quiet meditation, and heavy use of symbolic imagery.
Erika Olson
River Bullock"Apocalyptical Dolly" by Joseph Sinness
At this opening, we are going to be selling 19" x 26" limited edition, signed prints of the above image by Joseph Sinness for $30.00. If you're as excited about owning this image as we are, please email us so we can be sure to pre-order enough.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Orla TX" Photography by Nicole Tappa

Opening Reception Friday August 22nd 6-9pm
Fasten Collective
2224 S Kinnickinnic Ave. Milwaukee

"Orla, Tx", from Milwaukee artist, Nicole Tappa will be on the walls August 15th through mid September at Fasten. The collection is an eerie story of a lonesome ghost town textured by decay and vast blue skies. Join us for an opening reception August 22nd from 6-9pm.

Nicole Tappa graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2005 with a BFA in photography. She then traveled onto Chicago. After completing one year at Columbia College Chicago's MFA program in photography she has returned. Chicago taught her one thing, that if she goes any further away, she'll start coming back.
About Orla
It's a long way to anywhere from Orla, Texas. Orla is on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe line, U.S. Highway 285, and Farm Road 652, five miles southeast of Red Bluff in northwestern Reeves County. The name is Spanish for "border" and refers to the countryside around the settlement. Orla was established as a section house on the Pecos River Railroad in 1890. A post office was opened there in 1906. By 1933 Orla reported the post office, a business, and a population of ten. Its population remained at ten until after World War II, but the number of businesses increased to two in 1943. The town grew between the late 1940s and the 1950s, the population to forty and then to sixty, and the number of businesses to three. In the mid-1960s Orla became a rural oil supply center. By the end of the decade its population had reached 250, and it had twelve businesses. From 1970 through 2000 its population was reported at 183, and it had variously anywhere from one to sixteen businesses. In 1990 Orla still supplied equipment for production in nearby Permian Basin oilfields. In 2005, its population stood at 2.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"What You Get When You Cross...": Friday, August 15 @ MAM

Along with posting strictly MIGA gallery events, we've decided to post events happening in Milwaukee that we are involved in, want to support or just think are great events that everyone should go to. With that in mind, we encourage everyone to attend the following event:

Milwaukee artists team up for the latest Cedar Block event, in the tradition of "The Ramirez Box" and "Three Degrees of Francis Bacon", this time in tribute to Gilbert & George. A film program, The Midnight Show, and special interactive exhibits round out the exhibit, with live DJ's, free appetizers, and a cash bar. The GILBERT & GEORGE exhibition will be open to all until 11PM. Friday, August 15 from 8:00pm - midnight. Just $7 general admission, $5 MAM members.

Armoury gallery owners and local artists, Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber will be showing a collaborative piece at this event.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spackle Gallery Opening: August 1st

Spackle Gallery proudly presents Redefining Pattern, an exhibition featuring fashion, prints and paintings by Milwaukee based artists Alexander Kain, Daniel David Kaiser and Steve
. This show opens Friday, August 1st with an artists' reception from 6-10 pm featuring hair designs by Lara Haefele and music by DJ Macabre. Show runs through August 31st. Spackle Gallery is located at 2674 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee in the Bay View neighborhood.

Fashion is dominated by different forms of pattern. Surface pattern, pattern in construction, the pattern of trends and pattern in display. Within these patterns of fashion, society has created a standard of beauty and design unique to our time, place, and modern culture. To push these standards, these artists have deviated from and redefined the idea of fashion and pattern to create new, fresh and progressive designs and concepts. Kain creates unique and custom fashions for dolls pushing ideas of design and collection on both an intimate and tangible scale. Kaiser and Sorrentino mirror themes of fashion, pattern, model, and beauty in their work to celebrate and criticize the contemporary fashion industry and to comment on the relationship between the pattern and the model by integrating and dissolving them into each other. These artists demonstrate both how art influences fashion and how fashion influences art.

Paper Boat Gallery Opening: Friday, August 1st

We are so very excited to welcome Providence based artists Leif Goldberg and Erin Rosenthal who are driving across country to install their show and also share their music with us at the opening party Friday night. Please swing by to check out the event, all are Music will be outside weather (and neighbors) permitting.

The event will start at 7pm and the music will begin around 8:30 with Leif & Erin's band CRUDE HILL, then Milwaukee based WOODEN ROBOT will play a short set. We will be passing the hat to assist with gas money for the artists.

Hope to see you.......

August 1st Gallery Opening

Gallery Opening August 1st: LIVE MUSIC

P.S. This may be Wooden Robot's last show with Eilis the accordion player for quite some time. Come send her off with love....

x, the Paper Boat Ladies

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Fledgling Galleries Band Together"

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel art critic Mary Louise Schumacher just posted a sneak peek of tomorrows cue section featuring a front cover story about MIGA! You can read (and comment) her article online HERE.

Also check out the interactive Gallery Night & Day page where Milwaukee residents were asked to call in with their favorite pick for Gallery Night shows. MIGA founder Jessica Stee
ber gives a shout out to Paper Boat and local filmmaker Andrew Swant hollers at the Armoury and Green Gallery! Check it out it's techonology at its finest!

"Off the Beaten Path" writer Mollie Butler wrote a great article "Off the Beaten Path" about the small galleries in Milwaukee and their struggles to stay open. MIGA and many of it's galleries were mentioned in the article HERE.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bill Daniel at Paper Boat Gallery

Paper Boat presents: "Sunset Scavenger"
Work by Bill Daniel
Curated by Faythe Levine
Summer Gallery Night, July 25th 7-11pm

9PM Enjoy a special FREE screening of "Who Is Bozo Texino?" a documentary film by Bill Daniel (outside weather permitting)

Sailvan in Arizona, 2004, Bill Daniel
"Sailvan in Arizona" 2004
Sunset Scavenger is a project supported by Creative Capital Foundation.

Paper Boat is pleased to be showing the varied work of artist, filmmaker and photographer Bill Daniel. "Sunset Scavenger" will feature a variety of wall based work, based around Daniel's most recent romance with houseboat culture. There will be mural-sized Xerox blow-ups which are a way to turn the imagery into wheat-pasteable graffiti, and some new digital murals, as well as some traditional b/w photography.

Also available throughout the duration of the exhibit will be Daniel's new book "Mostly True" published by Microcosm, a companion to his documentary "Who is Bozo Texino?

"Who Is Bozo Texino?"
The secret history of hobo graffiti
Directed, photographed, edited by Bill Daniel
2005, 56 min, B/W, 16mm and Super 8, mastered on Digibeta NTSC

Shot on freight hopping trips across the wild West and 16 years in the making, this is the mostly-factual cinematic account of the epic search and unlikely discovery of hobohemia's most legendary boxcar artist.

Full Press Release HERE
Media Contact: Faythe Levine (414) 483-8462

Paper Boat Gallery 2375 S. Howell Ave Milwaukee, WI 53207

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


"We Are All Always Moving"
a mixed media installation

"I would have told them if I could"
A book of short stories and illustrations

a collaboration of hands.
Between Sarah Luther and Joe Riepenhoff

opening reception july 25th 7:00pm - 11:00am
Gallery Located @ 631 E Center 3B

LA Based Artist Linda Lay has conducted an interview with Joe and Sarah on their up coming show
check it out on her fabulous web page

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Leah Kwarciany at Fasten Collective

Join us Friday July 25th from 6-9pm for a reception for "Stitched, Painted and Put on Display: Drama Rama" work by Leah Kwarciany at Fasten Collective, 2224 S Kinnickinnic Ave, in Bayview. The artist will be in attendance, and refreshments will be served.

This Southeastern Wisconsin native has won several scholarships and awards for her multi-media work, and has shown in several exhibitions, including the current show in the Schneider Gallery in UW Stevens Point, where she currently studies. The body of work showing this month at the Fasten Gallery includes bold canvases adorned with mashed-up textiles, glitter, farm animals, iconic imagery, and bright synthetic color.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hidden Exposure @ the Armoury Gallery

The Armoury Gallery is pleased to announce Hidden Exposure, the third exhibition for the new gallery, with an opening reception to be held Summer Gallery Night, July 25th, from 5-10pm.

Hidden Exposure includes works by three artists, Jackie Hoving (philadelphia), AOM III (madison) and Allison Heape (mke), all using decoration and distortion in their works to expose elements of life often looked over. Using this method of disguise to contradict first impressions and seemingly pleasant compositions, an honest and somewhat cynical message about contemporary society can be found.

Jackie Hoving


Friday, July 11, 2008

MIGA postcard

This is the postcard we've created for the upcoming Summer Gallery Night. This is the first venture for MIGA and hopefully there will be much more to follow.

Each MIGA gallery will have access to this blog and the opportunity to post their gallery related events and images. You can also get more information at our website.