Monday, May 11, 2009

Katy Keefe and Chris Niver at Green Gallery West

The two person show opening Friday May 15th at The Green Gallery West will be featuring the work of Artists Katy Keefe, and Chris Niver.  The process rich work of both Keefe and Niver, explores the potential of a media, and its ability through form and abstraction to describe a place or emotion, to tell a narrative, or to translate personalities or characteristics. 

            The careful and delicate work of Chris Niver documents imagined places.  While the craft is inviting and impecable the subject matter feels ominous or anxious taking the viewer on a journey through a series of dominating unfamiliar landscapes.  I can imagine a sailor .. stitching this linen. The sailor is preoccupied… with water and death. He is all too aware of the messiness and fragility of life because he is vulnerable to the enormous power of the sea… He deals with his anxieties by slowly and painstakingly rendering them, the repetition of stitches like a chant that quiets the voices of doubt” Niver says about his own process and work.

            Katy Keefe’s new body of work Eyes to the Unknown is an investigation in translation of human subjects and personality into imagery.  The paintings/ Drawings reveal layers of enveloping flora, geometric shapes and figures reading almost as a “visual diary” creating a bending landscape that describes much more than just space.  Keefe describes the work as emitting, “profound optimism and regeneration”.  She describes her new paintings “The work in this exhibition addresses themes of love and enlightenment using individuals as the vehicles for expression”.

            The work of Katy Keefe and Chris Niver will be on display from May 15th through June 19th.  There will be an opening reception for the artists on the 15th from 8 – 11 pm at The Green Gallery West, located at 631 E. Center, Milwaukee, WI.  

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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Green Gallery East

The Green Gallery East presents:
Lovable Like Orphan Kitties and Bastard Children
Curated by Kristin Calabrese and Joshua Aster
Opening Reception: May 9th 4-10pm

On May 9th, 2009 Milwaukee will be given the opportunity to survey a sampling of the LA contemporary art scene. Seventy-eightpaintings, 11 x 11 inches and under, by seventy-eight different artists, will be brought from Los Angeles via bag check and carry-on by LA based artists Kristin Calabrese and Joshua Aster. The artists differ in their aesthetics, their styles, as well as, their stages of development and exposure but they will all be converging from May 9th until June 6th in Milwaukee's Green Gallery East.

Full list of artists click HERE

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gallery Night this Friday

This Friday, April 17 is Spring Gallery Night.  The following MIGA galleries will be open:

The Armoury Gallery
5:00 - 9:00 pm
"Night Work" 
With work by Sonja Thomsen, Nicholas Lampert, Shana McCaw & Brent Budsberg and Nathaniel Stern & Jessica Meuninck-Ganger

Paper Boat 
7:00 - 10:00 pm  **last opening ever!**
New work by Micaela O'Herlihy

Green Gallery East
4:00 - 8:00 pm

"Michelle Grabner, Silverpoint Drawings with Guest Mobile"

Green Gallery West
5:00 - 9:00 pm
New work by Frankie Martin

Portrait Society
5:00 - 9:00 pm
"Tender is the Line, An Exhibition of Drawing"
With work by Paul Caster, Sally Duback, Jean Roberts Guequierre, Steve Ohlrich, Steve Lubahn, Claire Stigliani and Dawn Turner.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paper Boat last show!

Join us for our last show ever!

New Work by Wisconsin artist Micaela O'Herlihy
April 17 - May 31st, 2009
Opening reception Gallery Night 7-10pm

Paper Boat closing

Below is a very sad announcement from Faythe and Kim at Paper Boat:

Dearest patrons of Paper Boat,

As of May 31st Paper Boat Boutique & Gallery will be closing its doors after 4 great years of being open. The current economic climate is the main reason that led us to this very difficult decision.

We really hope you can join us for our last Gallery reception featuring work by Wisconsin artist Micaela O'Herlihy on Gallery Night, April 17th from 7-10pm.

There will also be a closing sale for the month of May to help us reduce our inventory. It will be a great time to pick up those items you've always been meaning to get. Also, don't forget to spend your gift certificates if you have been holding onto one!

We thank you so very much for your support over the past 4 years. Even though the Boat is closing, we are excited to seek out new opportunities and projects. We also want to stress the importance of supporting the remaining small businesses and galleries in Milwaukee. Those spaces are vital to keeping our city and our community unique and enjoyable.

We hope to see all of you during the last couple of months of being open!

Warm regards,
The ladies of the Boat-Faythe Levine & Kim Kisiolek

Friday, March 27, 2009

Frankie Martin @ Greeen Gallery West

Frankie Martin @ Green Gallery West
April 3rd - May 3rd 2009

Opening Reception Friday April 3rd 8 - 11 pm

Frankie Martin will have work in the main gallery, the John Riepenhoff Experience and Club Nutz.

Erica Somogyi will be showing an animation in the Video Arcade

Frankie will be showing new video works as well as some painting, and stills. Who Died? is a 5 part, two channel, non-linear narrative video that reinterprets popular representations of death and the transcendence of the human body.
Frankie will also present part of her series Left Behind which features paintings and mobiles based on the idea of what gets left behind. To do this she stretches her drop cloths as paintings, and gathers things from her neighborhood, or from her own garbage can. The idea is that these 'things' become non-things, then become re-contextualized as 'things' again.
In the John Reipenhoff Experience, Frankie will exhibit Born Again, a video in which Botticelli’s Birth of Venus is reborn into the format of video. The video is a 3 minute loop in which Venus is born again and again. This piece speaks to the recycling of ideas with in art history and the merging of painting and video.
Freakout, her live act which has morphed from comedic dance to dark comedy will be performed in Club Nutz.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Night Work @ the Armoury Gallery

Night Work
Opening reception:
Friday March 27, 6:00 - 10:00 pm
Show runs: March 27 - May 2


The Armoury Gallery is pleased to announce its 8th exhibition: NightWork. Focusing specifically on professional artists working as artprofessors and instructors in Milwaukee, Night Work is an exciting crosssection of some of Milwaukee's most talented and recognized artists;three of whom are featured in the Current Tendencies exhibition at theHaggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University. Night work includes twocollaborative teams, Nathaniel Stern & Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and ShanaMcCaw & Brent Budsberg, as well as new 2D work by Nicolas Lampert andrecent photographs by Sonja Thomsen.

Along with teaching at UW-Milwaukee, Nicolas Lampert is a curator, aco-editor of a book on anti-war illustrations and an artist who works ina variety of media and has exhibited his work extensively across the country and abroad. Lampert co-curated a traveling political art show that toured 33 cities in Canada and the US during a five year run. He has work in the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in NewYork and Milwaukee's own Art Museum. Lampert is also part of theJustseeds Radical Artist's Cooperative that is currently exhibiting an installation at UWM's Union Art Gallery.

Taking over the installation room will be a collaboration by Shana McCaw and Brent Budsberg. In seven years of collaboration, McCaw andBudsberg's work has evolved from playful performances about human interaction and rites of passage toward miniature architectural installations investigating transition, space and the passage of time.For Night Work, McCaw and Budsberg will exhibit two new companion sculptures. Incorporating a mysterious wind and subdued atmospheric effects, both pieces create a perception of space beyond the gallery wall, while also suggesting an indirect narrative. McCaw teaches at theMilwaukee Institute of Art and Design and Cardinal Stritch and Budsberg is a MIAD 3-d lab supervisor. As a collaborative team, they won a 2008Mary Nohl Fellowship in the Established Artist category.

First time collaborative duo Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and Nathaniel Stern will present a new series of works. Playfully called "Distill Life,"this series incorporates technologies and aesthetics from traditional printmaking – including Japanese woodblock and engraving circa the1800s, present-day etching, stone lithography, photogravure etc –with the technologies and aesthetics of contemporary digital, video and networked art, in order to create new forms. Hailing from South Africa, and currently studying for his PhD throughTrinity College in Dublin, Ireland, Nathaniel Stern joined the Milwaukee arts community in 2008 for his position with the Peck School of the Arts at UW Milwaukee. His work has been exhibited internationally, and he has a host of awards, residencies and fellowships to his credit. Jessica Meuninck-Ganger earned her MFA at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and currently teaches at the Peck School of the Arts, also having a host of honors, residencies and exhibitions to her credit.

Earning her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004, SonjaThomsen will present a series of new works from her time spent in 2008 at the Hermitage Artist Retreat in Englewood, Florida. Most recently featured in the aforementioned Current Tendencies exhibition at Marquette's Haggerty Museum of Art, Sonja has exhibited her work nationally and her photographs are included in the permanent collectionat the Milwaukee Art Museum. Thomsen currently teaches photography classes at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and was a founding member of the Coalition of Photographic Arts (CoPA), serving as president until June of 2008.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Michelle Grabner Silver Point Drawings with Guest Mobile

March 14 - May 3, 2009
opening reception: March 14, 4-9pm

For this, our second exhibition at Green Gallery East, we are pleased to present new silverpoint drawings by Michelle Grabner with a mobile by Brad Killam. Grabner's paintings and silverpoints index the essentialism of time. Created with lines, marks, ticks, points, and dots Grabner's compositions are simply organized, accumulated, and sequenced, directing the viewer's focus to formal concerns and away from associations and referent. As Michelle writes "thus leaving virtually no space for the imagination or invention." There is nothing signified or expressed - nothing to be interpreted - only a methodical indication or trace of time's passage. Grabner's works underscore the poetics of constraints and sameness.

We are also honored to be the first gallery to show Spanish born artist, José Lerma, in Milwaukee. Lerma will be exhibiting new work in the back room. His mumbling brush strokes and muted pastels articulate a sophisticated and honest contribution to contemporary painting.

Exhibition will run from March 14th until May 3rd
Gallery Hours: Thurs, Fri 4-8 PMSat, Sun 2-6 PM

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gallery Update

It's probably a little late, but I realized we should mention some recent gallery changes. For those who don't already know, Spackle Gallery and the White Whale Collective have both closed their doors.

jw lawson FINE ART has now relocated to a new space at 414 E Homer Street in Bayview, and is now having events under a new name, War Room. You can find more information about the new space and upcoming events at their WEBSITE or BLOG.

The Green Gallery's original space on Center Street in Riverwest has now officially become The Green Gallery West with the recent addition of The Green Gallery East. The newest Green Gallery spot is located on the East side of Milwaukee on Farwell Avenue. Visit their new webiste HERE.

Friday, February 27, 2009

We're @ the Armoury Gallery

Lost in a Volcanic Maze:
dispatches from we're
Friday March 13th, 6:00 - 10:00 pm

This is the next event that we're having at the gallery. It is a one night event showcasing the work of local filmmaker Brian Perkins. It will combine 2-D art with projected film, and there will be a screening at 7:30 pm.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Green Gallery West is pleased to present a new exhibition of work by Paul Stoelting. An opening reception for the work will be held this Friday February 6th from 8 to 11 pm at 631 East Center Street, 3rd floor. This is the artist's second solo exhibition at the gallery.
In this exhibition Stoelting continues to extract narrative and conceptual congruence from a grouping of disparate objects assembled from found and appropriated materials. The work offers an explicit examination of relationships between art, design, and commerce and is comprised of three individual artworks with supplementary seating.

In the work, Chromatic Interjection, a limited-edition suite of 18 collages, photographs of canonical figures of mid-century modernism are removed from a Design Within Reach "Annual Book" and marked with a stripe of commercial duct tape in one of 18 colors. Two of the pages include catalog copy in the form of quotations by Vernor Panton and Isamu Noguchi; respectively, "One sits better on a color that one likes", and "In my work, I wanted something irreducible, an absence of the gimmicky and clever." The tape appears again on Untitled Sculpture 1, a tall, slender, white monochrome made from a warped and pitted beam of "presentation-grade" lumber. In the third work, the catalog returns as the site of a drawn representation of Untitled Sculpture 1, where the page acts as a virtual gallery, and the sculpture is assigned its price.

Paul Stoelting was born in 1981 and lives in Milwaukee. Most recently, his work appeared in the NADA Art Fair Miami, the Milwaukee International Art Fair, and Dark Fair at Swiss Institute in New York. Stoelting will be part of the upcoming Green Gallery-curated exhibition, Wallgasm, at Angstrom gallery in Los Angeles.

address:631 E Center St 3rd floorMilwaukee, WI 53212
hours:by appointment contact

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dwayne Butcher @ WAR ROOM

Smart People Paper #34, 2008 © Dwayne Butcher

Here it is folks, the first show in the WAR ROOM!!!!

Due to the move and various other complications, the remainder of 2008's exhibitions at jw lawson FINE ART were postponed. Well now we can get back on the horse and ride. The WAR ROOM is showing art!

I just (moments ago) finished installing Dwayne Butcher's series of works on paper entitled Smart People Paper. These dandy and fun little paint & ink drawings represent contemplative studies and sketches that fall somewhere between Butcher's paintings and installation pieces.

Butcher is a poet, a painter, an installer, a curator, an organizer...Let's just say he does about everything there is to do with art in Memphis. I am proud to have his work in Milwaukee and I hope you are too.

Ranging in size from 5x9 ($40) to 11x14 ($60), these works will sell fast! Stop on by or call for an appointment to see this work. The work will remain installed until April 2009 or until Mrs. Parkhurst decides to install her work in March.

414 E. Homer St.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Green Gallery East presents Lift: Part 2, a work by David Robbins

opening reception Saturday January 31st 4-9pm

The Green Gallery East

1500 N Farwell Ave.

Imagine a work of communication that abjures any hierarchy of media. Instead of a vertical ordering of media or contexts—traditionally, art “above,” entertainment “below”--we encounter a work that exists in multiple, competing, contrasting cultural forms simultaneously. Is such a work, which incorporates art but positions it as one communication form in an expanded field of forms each with its use, to be considered an “artwork” or something else?

David Robbins activates these and related questions in an exhibition that inaugurates The Green Gallery’s new space on Milwaukee’s east side. From January 31 through March 7, three realist paintings of key images from Lift, Robbins’ thirty-minute video portrait of personal trainer Joshua Van Schaick, will be displayed at Green Gallery East. The only paintings made from the video, this trio of canvases, executed by assistants, forms a unique, chained identity. Integrated with the paintings is a new video that uses excerpts from a 2006 conversation between Robbins and the trainer to explore whether Van Schaick might himself be considered an artist. A brochure expanding on this question, with a text authored by Robbins, is available gratis to gallery visitors.

During the exhibition Lift will be broadcast twice on commercial television, February 14 and 28, on Milwaukee’s WVTV18. Robbins thus transposes a single work into two keys—gallery exhibition and broadcast media. Competing ends of the communication spectrum--television, oil paint—are juxtaposed. “Mass” and “refined” economies, “entertainment” and “art” venues are contrasted while privileging neither.

The strategy extends discoveries Robbins made with his well-known Ice Cream Social (1993-2008). “There,” he explains, “I explored different forms—performance, installation, TV pilot, novella, etc—in stages, over many years. Lift: Part 2 also uses an expanded exhibition model, but with an important difference. I’m now presenting the same work in contradictory forms at the same time. For me it’s the next step.” Additionally, structure and theme now parallel each other, with the expanded exhibition model, which by its nature challenges the definition of “an artwork,” joined to subject matter which challenges our definition of “an artist.”

Lift (2007) is a video portrait of a young man who transformed himself from a hot-tempered, violent adolescent into a compassionate and philosophical personal trainer. Praised by commentators as “a new kind of monument” and “a lovely character study,” Lift was published in a DVD edition of 1000. Following the artist’s intentions, copies were distributed to high-school athletic programs and donated to contemporary art museums across the United States—an unprecedented pairing.

Where Lift exemplifies Robbins’ notion of High Entertainment, a concept of media that combines entertainment’s accessibility with art’s traditional emphasis on form-discovery, the paintings tap classical concerns. The paintings lend gravity to depictions of a recent social phenomenon—the personal trainer, a symbol of our striving for health and beauty. The trainer, as a social role, focuses our yearning for perfectibility, the myriad problematics of self-image, the desire for self-transformation, the fleeting nature of physical beauty… In these canvases the trainer is shown as meditative, self-conscious, moody… What theater of the mind/body relationship is represented in such images? Is this trainer contemplating ways to enhance the unique energy of each individual? Is he perhaps emburdened by his clients’ need of him? Does compassion vie with a disdain for the vulnerability they’ve revealed? And what does it mean to bring this agent into art? By creating paintings that showcase this symbol of our hopes for ourselves, is Robbins celebrating or questioning our belief that art, which gives our minds and spirits a workout as nothing else quite can, will train us in a more elevated life?

One of the first artists to investigate the art world’s entrance into the culture industry, through his objects, images, installations, and writings, and his introduction of such “non-art” concepts as Concrete Comedy and High Entertainment, David Robbins has been an international influence on contemporary artists for twenty years. Emerging in New York during the 1980s, Robbins pioneered an unflinchingly contemporary attitude that positioned art as another form of entertainment, a line of thought he has since advanced in more than three dozen solo exhibitions with wit, independent spirit, and conceptual rigor. Best known for his works Talent (1986), which is included in dozens of private and public collections, and The Ice Cream Social (1993-2008), which enjoyed a retrospective treatment at the Musee d’Art Modern de la Ville de Paris, Mr. Robbins is also the author of several influential books, most recently The Velvet Grind: Selected Essays, Interviews, Satires (1983-2005), published in 2006 by JRP/Ringier Kunstverlag, Zurich. He has lectured at many leading universities, among them UCLA, MIT, Columbia University, the Art Institute of Chicago, Goldsmith’s College, London, and L’ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Lift: Part 2 is Robbins’ first exhibition of new works since 2005.

gallery hours are:
Th & Fr 4-8pm
Sat & Sun 2-6pm

more info & images can be found at