Friday, March 27, 2009

Frankie Martin @ Greeen Gallery West

Frankie Martin @ Green Gallery West
April 3rd - May 3rd 2009

Opening Reception Friday April 3rd 8 - 11 pm

Frankie Martin will have work in the main gallery, the John Riepenhoff Experience and Club Nutz.

Erica Somogyi will be showing an animation in the Video Arcade

Frankie will be showing new video works as well as some painting, and stills. Who Died? is a 5 part, two channel, non-linear narrative video that reinterprets popular representations of death and the transcendence of the human body.
Frankie will also present part of her series Left Behind which features paintings and mobiles based on the idea of what gets left behind. To do this she stretches her drop cloths as paintings, and gathers things from her neighborhood, or from her own garbage can. The idea is that these 'things' become non-things, then become re-contextualized as 'things' again.
In the John Reipenhoff Experience, Frankie will exhibit Born Again, a video in which Botticelli’s Birth of Venus is reborn into the format of video. The video is a 3 minute loop in which Venus is born again and again. This piece speaks to the recycling of ideas with in art history and the merging of painting and video.
Freakout, her live act which has morphed from comedic dance to dark comedy will be performed in Club Nutz.

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